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Walker 7070 Log Only is a Speed Log System providing electromagnetic log data from a single processor.

This compact, cost effective system takes advantage of \u0093state of the art\u0094 electronics to process the log sensor input, outputting digital data on a single NMEA 0183 data bus to DIN 144 data displays.

Walker 7070 electromagnetic log is designed for vessels above 500GRT, offering both forward and astern speed, with ranges from -0 to 80 knots full scale. It is suitable for vessels varying from patrol boats and ferries to liners and bulk carriers.

Based on Walkers\u0092 proven electromagnetic log technology, the 7070 log provides speed and distance information with accuracy and reliability regardless of sea conditions and water depth.

Walker 7070 log is designed to cope with the toughest shipboard environment. A rugged stainless steel main enclosure coupled with robust and clear DIN 144 bridge indicators combine to assure the trouble-free service proven in professional applications worldwide.

Walker 7070 is designed for speed ranges up to 80 knots and meets IMO requirements, including resolution A824(I9) for accuracy, and IEC 60945 + IEC 61023 type approvals. Type Approved to EMC European Directive IEC 60945.


• Full sensor compatibility with Walker log systems.
• Digital display to DIN 144 for log speed and distance travelled.
• 4 point speed log calibration.
• NMEA 0183 interface to ship systems.
• Ease of installation, use and service.

Manufacturer: Lilley and Gillie - Walker