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For vessel security and to monitor all vital vessel systems on one screen, including CCTV, alarms, cameras, engine functions and tank systems. Wide range of boat monitoring systems available. PATC-G1928 PAC TI CAMERA Features:

• Built-in 384*288 full time high sensitive thermal imager, provide clear view under total darkness;
• Integrated HAD 28X zoom module, 550TVL, 0.0015Lux;
• Precise PTZ systems with high precision and higher holding torgue. PTZ positioning precision up to \u00b10.05\u00b0;
• Aluminum PTZ case with high strength, special Fabrication Processing, full weather proof;
• Fully sealed design, IP index up to IP67, Built-in surge and lightning strike protection device;
• Built-in integrated defogging device, working temp range -45\u00b0C~55\u00b0C;
• 3 video outputs: thermal video, zoom module video and complex video;
• Detect protocol & Baud rate automatically, soft address supported, convenient for use;

Manufacturer: Ismart