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The NV-8000 nav light monitor provides an intelligent networked solution for monitoring & controlling up to 16 different NAV lights. The system consists of the NV-8000 display controller (as seen above) and up to 2 NV-100 units and one optional NR-800 repeater display which communicate via a 2-wire network cable with a maximum cable length of 1000 meters.

• Master display unit.
• Visual & audible alarm for any faulty light.
• Every circuit monitored for faults ( bulb failure, power failure & wire break).
• Control to turn lights on and off.
• 6 programmable groups.
• Join any light to any group (all lights will activate when the group is selected).
• Twilight sensor input.
• Auto anchor light (based on twilight sensor).
• Will detect currents as low as one LED.
• All alarms are name programmable e.g. (Port) (Anchor) (NUC 1).

Manufacturer: Smartswitch