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Marine satellite TV antennas for your boat, available in a range of sizes and EIRP. Suitable for both satellite TV on yachts and commercial vessels, KNS marine satellite TV antennas are stabilised for clarity even in rough seas. Dish sizes range from 39-61cm for K Series Supertrack TVRO models. Features:
• Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control.
• Unlimited Azimuth : Uninterrupted searching keep you in business however you ship turns Cable wrap free.
• Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm.
• Fastest Data Rates Available : Up to 4Mbps download/512Kbps upload speed guaranteed.
• Pre-programmed Satellite Database : Editable 80 satellite data.
• Antenna Control Unit : 3 Types of Gyro Input(NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step).
• CE, FCC certified.
• The SuperTrack Z-Series is the perfect solution for ships looking for broadband speeds at sea.
• Stay in touch with your networks via high speed access to the internet, email, multiple VoIP phones and more.

ManufacturerKNS - Satellite Systems

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