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FlowSafe hose flotation devices are used in various fields of marine activities, such as offshore oil- and gas industry and port facilities. Transfer of fluid at sea is often associated with serious problems especially in severe weather. During discharge, the hose sinks as it fills with water, slurry, or whatever is being pumped through the hose. Even slight movement of the vessel can cause the hose to come in contact with the propeller.

The consequences arising from a broken hose can be extreme:
• Contamination due to spillage.
• Destruction of the hose requiring repair or replacement at considerable cost that could have been avoided.
• Damage to the supply ship putting it out of operation. Both, the vessel and the crew may be exposed to danger.
• With FlowSafe hose flotation device fitted around the transfer hose these problems may to a large degree be avoided.
• The hose will float in plain sight, making discharging much simpler and safer.

Manufacturer: PolyformBuoys & Fenders