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• Designed for use in most areas of the world, the Ericsson G36e Fixed Wireless Terminal is the ultimate business communication solution.
• This unit enables savings on calls to mobiles and Internet connections, and access to voice, fax and data communications in remote and marine environments.
• The G36 houses a regular SIM card from any GSM network.
• The unit connects to a landline telephone and ensures all incoming and outgoing calls are routed over the mobile network, which means users can take advantage of mobile to mobile rates which are traditionally cheaper than fixed to mobile telephone calls.
• The G36's Enhanced Rate Speech Codec ensures call quality is identical to a typical landline telephone call.
• Connecting the G36 to an office or large marine vessel's PABX is simple and effective.
• Least Cost Routing software can identify that a call is being made to a mobile by its prefix, so user's can save money on their landline to mobile calls.
• Businesses operating in areas lacking fixed communication infrastructure or where the infrastructure is not acceptable will benefit from the G36 because it uses Wireless Local Loop to operate over the mobile network.
• High speed Internet access in a temporary or mobile office, at a mine site or on an island is possible with the G36.
• The G36 has remote management capabilities and when connected to a PC, Ericsson's G36 is also capable of SMS.

Manufacturer: Communication Equipment & Acc