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In an emergency or marine distress situation, count on the reliability of Pains Wessex flare kits and hand smoke. A requirement for any boat or ship safety kit, offshore and inshore kits are available, as well as poly bottles and grab bags for safe and convenient storage at muster points and crew areas.• Bird Scare Humming Line is a special 5 kg breaking strain monofilament U.V. stabilised tape which vibrates in the wind (even a very light breeze) emitting a humming sound which detracts birds. This greatly assists in reducing bird fouling and crop damage, in many instances. Available in 30m reel (sufficient for boat or small garden) or in 500m reel (sufficient for 5000 sq. m. agriculture cover).Highly Effective \u00b7 Safe and Harmless \u00b7 Easy to Install \u00b7 No electricity

Manufacturer: Drew Marine Safety