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The only system in the world that is approved by 7 different Type Approval authorities.

IMCOS\u0099 provides the solutions you need both Offshore and Onshore.

Working within the Cooper Hazardous Area Communications platform, the following applications demonstrate the ability to provide a One Cooper Solution.


Designed, engineered and manufactured according to individual project specifications and industry regulations. The system uses the latest in digital technology and can be integrated with a wide range of Cooper products to ensure the integrity of your assets in even the most demanding of environments.


The IMCOS\u0099 systems allows Cooper Gitiesse to integrate a wide range of Cooper Hernis cameras and software applications providing weatherproof, explosion proof and IP cameras, both fixed and PTV solutions, designed for durability and reliability. With our solutions and experience we can fulfill your specification requirements.


Whether a traditional analogue, digital, VoIP or Hybrid telephone system is what you require we can provide the solution you need. A wide range of standard, weatherproof, explosion proof and IP phones and signaling equipment guarantees the best solution.

Local Area Network

With IMCOS\u0099 and our latest developments in technology, we are able to provide a single network which provides reduced cable architecture. Our LAN systems are able to share a highway of information and resources, interlinking video, voice and data with our VoIP telephones, IPTV streaming, CCTV, PA/GA and Intercom systems through one fiber or copper backbone.

Signaling and Alarms

Cooper MEDC has developed a wide range of products specifically designed for harsh environments where there is a risk of explosion for both onshore and offshore applications. This range of products including manual activation, visual and audible alarms, and loudspeakers can be connected via the same PA/GA system network, delivering the best combination of performance and safety.

Entertainment Packages

Simple and effective communication of safety procedures can be transmitted in both routine and emergency situations through TV screens conveniently located within our system. Within our network streaming video and audio capabilities also provide entertainment for the wellbeing of onsite personnel. This is yet another example of how Cooper aims to provide the best in class for communication and safety solutions.

Manufacturer: Eaton(Gitiesse)