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For 100 years since its establishment in 1901, Fujikura has been putting out a great variety of products including rubberized waterproof fabrics, rubber-coated fabric products, industrial supplies, insulating materials and sporting goods.

Fujikura\u0092s rubber-coated fabrics are particularly noted for their outstanding quality and reliability, thanks to unrivaled technology gained through persistent research and a wealth of experience. And, as everyone agrees, rubber coated fabric is essential material for inflatable life rafts, life jackets, chutes, rescue boats and other lifesaving appliances. It builds reliability and quality into lifesaving equipment.

Today, Fujikura\u0092s lifesaving appliances, designated as“TYPE APPROVAL BY J.M.O.T” and is full CE SOLAS approved, enjoy a worldwide reputation for their peerless reliability. The inflatable life raft models introduced here are those designed as part of lifesaving equipment for international vessels (excluding fishing boats) navigating beyond coastal areas.

They feature structures and accessories as required under the International Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) LSA Code.4. 2 in 1996.These inflatable life rafts are inflated by liquefied C02gas (sometimes mixed with N2 gas).

They are equipped with a boarding ramp that unfolds automatically, a canopy and flooring capable of retaining heat most effectively and large water pockets to ensure stability. They are designed to inflate completely in 10 to 25 seconds after dropping, under ordinary temperature, so that the crew can board them safety and quickly.

The structure and performance of this highly reliable life raft satisfy the provisions of SOLAS and the Rules of Vessel Lifesaving Equipment, such as (1) capacity to withstand service in temperatures ranging from -30℃ to 65℃ , (2) weight of 185 kg or less and (3) capacity to withstand any sea condition for 30 days. They have also undergone a dropping test from a height of 30m.

Manufacturer: Fujikura Liferafts