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Experience superior navigation from the accurate heading and positioning performance available with the V101\u0099 Series GPS compass. The Crescent\u00ae Vector\u0099 II technology brings a series of new features to the V101 series including heave, pitch and roll output and more robust performance. The rugged enclosure combines Hemisphere GPS\u0092 Crescent Vector II board and two multipath-resistant antennas for portability and simple installation. The half-meter length smart antenna mounts easily to a flat surface or pole. The stability and maintenance-free design of the V101 replaces traditional gyrocompasses at a fraction of the cost.

The V101 uses SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) for differential GPS positioning. The V111\u0099 includes both SBAS and radio beacon differential GPS positioning options.

Key V101 Series GPS Compass Advantages
• Affordable solution delivers 2D GPS heading accuracy better than 0.3 degree rms.
• Differential positioning accuracy of less than 60 cm, 95% of the time.
• Smart antenna design ensures simple installation into finished product.
• Integrated gyro and tilt sensors deliver fast start-up times and provide heading updates during temporary loss of GPS.
• Fast heading and positioning output rates up to 20 Hz.
• SBAS compatible (WAAS, EGNOS,etc.), integrated beacon (V111 only),and optional external differential input.
• COAST\u0099 technology maintains differentially-corrected positioning for 40 minutes or more after loss of differential signal 0735.

Manufacturer: Hemisphere