80NM 24V 80D 57L FLI COMPB


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80NM 24V 80D 57L FLI COMPB

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With the ever increasing need for speed and the 24 hour day operation of today's shipping the 80Nm model gives outstanding performance. To ensure a good swept window albeit travelling at 60 knots, the wiper arm design needed to ensure a good blade contact has necessitated the development of the extra heavy duty model.

Supplied as fixed and variable arc models and available for 24 volt DC, the standard motor has two speeds and self parking facility which can be operated by a rotary switch, toggle switch or a multi speed⁄ function control switch.

Insulated earth return is standard. Where a higher on board voltage is used, we offer a number of solutions which will utilise this extremely reliable wiper and still offer a competitive package.

Manufacturer: Hepworth Wiper Systems