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- YPower YPO24-20ST, model 24V/20A.
- Recommended battery bank (Ah) 200-300Ah.
- CAN-BUS interface.
- Voltage from 90 to 265VAC single-phase automatic.
- Frequency from 47 to 65Hz automatic.
- Input current consumption 230/115VAC 2,9/5,9A,
- Recommended power for a generator 700W. Power factor 1, efficiency 90% typical.
- Removable input fuses T15A/250V 6,3x32 (F101).
- Number of battery banks 3 (including one for the engine battery) : +BAT E, +BAT 1 et +BAT 2 (integrated Mosfet splitter). Each bank can be used individually and deliver the rated current.
- Total rated current (+/-7%) / Rated power 20A/570W.
- Charging curve: IU or IUoU through internal dip switches (Boost, Absorption and Floating – factory setting) - Selectable automatic Refresh.
- Battery type: Lead sealed as factory setting - Other choices through internal setting (Calcium Lead, gel, AGM, LiFePO4, Opened, etc.).
- Boost voltage: 28,8VDC for Lead sealed battery (factory setting).
- Floating voltage: 27,6VDC for Lead sealed battery (factory setting).
- Regulation tolerance before output diode and fuse < 2% (at rated conditions), peak to peak ripple: < 2% (at rated conditions).
- Cooling:Natural (fanless) - Electric fan controlled in temperature and current for 12V/60A and 24V/30A models.
- Sound level 0.
- Operating temperature (230VAC) From -20℃ to +60℃ , derating from 60℃ . Above 65℃ , automatic charger switch off, automatic restart when temperature decreases.
- Storage temperature: From -20℃ to +70℃ .
- Material: Casing: Aluminium sink frame, thermoplastic body, aluminium clasp.
- Dimensions: 289 x 195 x 106 mm / 3,5 kg.
- IP22 protection factor, water-repellent varnish (marine environment).CE / EMC EN61204-3 - J1171/ISO8846 for model 12V/40A, CE / Security - Others EN60335-2-29, ABYC A-31 - Pending UL and CSA. Protections: against leaking input surges by VDR rupture (voltage dependent resistor) - Not covered by warranty, against output polarity reversal by fuse rupture (removable automotive type), against short-cuircuit and surge, against abnormal overheating by cutting off the charger (internal temperature probe - automatic restart). Temperature probe: - Output voltage compensation : -36mV/℃ .

Manufacturer: CRISTEC Chargers and Inverters