EEL Emergency Escape Light


There are few things more dangerous to crew than a sinking ship, with EEL (Emergency Escape Light) you can reduce your risk of tragedy.




The EEL Emergency Escape Light was created to help prevent loss of life at sea. When a vessel capsizes it can leave the crew or passengers in complete darkness, upside down and disoriented.

EEL’s control PCB registers when the vessel rolls over a certain degree, activating immediately with a powerful 300+ lumen output. The EEL is built with high quality components to withstand impact from fallen objects.

The unit has a minimum 6 hour battery life. EEL is IP67 rated, also activating on detection of water during flooding.

The EEL is designed to be installed fixed, or with an option of a bracket to remove if required, and has no external wiring for easy installation.

The product has a built in test mode and a 2 year standby battery life – which will be easily changed by registered service centres.


Boat Size: Suitable for any vessel with crew compartments.
Fixture Lumens: 300+
Physical Dimensions: 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 1.9cm
Mounting Options: Fixed (4 screws)
Total Weight: Approx 230 grams
Waterproofing: IP67
Battery: Minimum +6 hour battery life when in use. Built in battery redundancy.
Runtime:: 6+ Hours (minimum)
Patent Reference: 2019100784
Average Life Expectancy: 2 year battery life, can be easily renewed with replacement at an approved service centre.
Activation: Vessel capsize roll detection via PCB sensor, water activation in event of flooding.
Construction material: Strong impact proof polymer capable of withstanding impacts from fallen objects.

Registered Patent 2019100784
Copyright AMI Unit Trust



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