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PHONTECH Command Intercom System CIS 3100 is especially designed for important communication links onboard ships and boats. The new design is very compact , and the performance is extended by use of microprocess or technics.
System CIS 3100 consists of a line of 3 different master stations ; type 3100 (5 ext.), 3101 (10 ext.) and 3102 (20 ext.), together with various quantities of substations of the 9000-series.
The new compact design is according to DIN 144 standard sizes, harmonizing with our other models for console mounting.
The front is a black touch key panel, with integrated operator switches, indicator LEDs, loudspeaker, microphone and volume control. The operation is simplex, controlled by the master station with priority. These new master stations are electrically compatible with previous models 3000\/3001\/3002.

• 5 substation lines.
• Bridge wings extention.
• All-call audio input. (0dBm\/5mV).
• Integrated loudspeaker.
• Integrated separate microphone.
• Volume control in front.
• All-call facility.
• \u0094Signal\u0094 and \u0094talk\u0094 keys.
• Extra signal output lines 1-4.
• Connection for gooseneck or handheld microphone.
• Connection for extra loudspeaker.

• Power supply : 22-32 VDC.
• Current drain : max 1A.
• Output power : max 12W.
• Frequency response : 400-6000 Hz.
• Overall dimensions; 144 x 144 x 100 mm.

Manufacturer: Jotron