MARCO offer a comprehensive selection of high quality pumps, as well as gas, electro-magnetic, electro-pneumatic and electronic nautical horns.

Bilge Pumps

Completely submersible bilge pumps. Compact design with ABS material housing, corrosion resistant.

Submersible Pumps

Water and Fluid Transfer Pumps

The electronic pressure sensor controls the requested flow rate by proportionally adapting the speed of the motor and guarantees constant control of pressure, voltage and electrical draw.

Rubber Impeller Pumps

Bronze Gear Pumps

Self-priming electric pumps of compact footprint with bronze gearsfor diesel transfer. Helical bronze gears guarantee constant pressure, heavy duty cycles, less noise and can operate in the absence of liquid.

Gear Pumps

Approved ship bells also available

Self Priming Vane Pumps

Self-priming electric vane pumps with integrated by-pass valve. Vanes guarantee high flow rate and heavy-duty cycles. Aluminum body, two connection options. Rotor & vanes made of resin. Stainless steel shaft. FKM seals. Brush holder with EMI filter.

Vane Pumps

Hand held horn

Hand held gas horn, snap-on type, complete with aluminium bottle.
Spare bottles available.

Gas horns

Electro Magnetic Horns

Electric horns, single or double, both for external mounting, with option of integrated cable, and for built-in installation. Powerful acoustic unit carefully protected and manufactured of non-corrosive materials

Electro-magentic horns

Electric Air Horns

Electro-pneumatic horns with very powerful sound, available in the following versions:
- Single (MA1C-MA1S-TC1-TC1/P);
- Two-tone (RIM-N/ TT2-M);
- Built-in type with integrated compressor

Electro-pneumatic horns

Multifunction Electronic Horns

Waterproof electronic horns complete with loudspeaker, AISI 316stainless steel bracket and electronic unit. Available with automatic fog signal, microphone, customizable siren , VHF and stereo input.

Electronic horns

Approved Signalling Horns

Available in: Air operated, with compressor and white or chromed trumpet (PW series) or Electronic, with loudspeaker, control unit, acoustic membrane with ultrasonic heating system and remote control panel.

Class Approved Horns