Side-Power Proportional Thrusters

Zipwake V-Shaped Interceptors

Docking made easy.

Have you edged your vessel around a crowded marina, or had to feather the power of the thruster in low speed maneuvers, and thought there should be an easier way?
Side-Power DC Proportional Thrusters offer a balance of high performance with the control required for precision movement. Comprised of three main elements, the proportional control panel, power control unit, and DC Thruster, the Side-Power Proportional Thruster system offers boaters full control, even in rough conditions.
Available as an upgrade to a standard Side-Power DC Thruster, or as a new standalone system, Proportional Thrusters are not only highly efficient, but by not requiring continuous full power, the usable run time is only limited to the capability of the battery in some cases.
Unique to the Proportional control panel, the 'Hold' function synchronizes both bow and stern thrusters with the push of a button, keeping the vessel parallel to the dock, while the level of thrust is adjusted accordingly. Docking just got easier.
Normally this level of control would be limited to an expensive hydraulic or AC thruster system, not always an option where usable space is at a premium. The Proportional Thruster is a considerably more compact, and cost effective alternative.

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