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FIX200 FS200 is a high strength, multi-blended unique moisture curing silicone that is 100% UV resistant and suitable for the harsh marine environment, for the fixing and sealing of organic and non-organic window panels, which is glass, acrylic, Perspex etc. Fix200 FS200 is available in Black only.

- Available in Black - 310mL cartridge
- Specifically designed for the instalation of Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate and Lexan type windows.
- 30min working time; ideally suited for long joint runs.
- UV stable with permanent colour.
- Unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light, radiation and temperature extremes.
- Primeless adhesion to most substrates.
- Permanently elastic with +50% joint movement capability.

Manufacturer: FixTech