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The new Powertec WIDEBAND Series Indoor Dome is designed to operate with all mobile carriers in mind, regardless of what frequency they operate on.
Offering a 2-5dB gain this antenna is suitable as an indoor antenna, that can be mounted on the ceiling for repeater applications.

Main Technical Specifications:
• Model TQJSA800⁄ 200.
• Frequency range 824~960 MHz ⁄ 1710~2170MHz.
• VSWR <1.6.
• Input impendance 50?.
• Gain 2 ⁄ 5 dBi.
• Polarization type Vertical.
• Beamwidth Omni-Directional.
• Intermodulation <-110dBm.
• F⁄ B ratio ?23dB.
• Max power 50W.
• Lightning protection DC ground.
• Connector Type N female.
• white cable, L=330mm.
• Weight 310g.
• Dimensions 186mm\u00d722mm.
• Radome material UV-Resistance ABS.
• Radome color White.
• Radiator Material Brass.

Manufacturer: Communication Equipment & Acc