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Self Leveling Radar Mount \u0096 Pole for Radomes. Our Self-Leveling Radar Mount range ensures your radar stays level with the horizon at all times for optimum antenna performance. As the boat heels or rolls, the radar is kept horizontal preventing target loss and giving the best possible radar picture.

• Hydraulic Damping.
• The main leveling unit features a fine tuned damping system which reacts to major changes in heel angle of the boat.
• It is entirely maintenance free and no power is required.
• Bespoke Mounting Pole.
• 2.5m (8.3\u0092) unique Pole extrusion accommodates two cable channels with a cover strip to hold cables in place and out of view.
• 360\u00b0 Adjustable base.
• The anodised aluminium base gives choice when deciding where you wish to install the pole mount.
• Base enables pole to be installed on both sloping transoms and level decks.
• Stable Installation.
• Have confidence in your installation - you are supplied with two support modules which provide maximum fore \/ aft and sideways support.
• Easily Removed.
• Unscrew base and remove pole for racing or winter storage, leaving just low profile base on deck.

Manufacturer: Scanstrut - Mounting Solutions