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Self Leveling Radar Mount \u0096 Mast For Radomes. Our Self-Leveling Radar Mount range ensures your radar stays level with the horizon at all times for optimum antenna performance. As the boat heels or rolls, the radar is kept horizontal preventing target loss and giving the best possible radar picture . Our Mast mounted version raises the antenna clear of the deck and any obstructions for increased radar horizon.

• Hydraulic Damping.
• The main leveling unit features a fine turned damping system which reacts to major changes in heel angle of the boat.
• It is entirely maintenance free and no power is required.
• Lightweight head unit.
• Reduced weight aloft - complete system weighs only 3.4 kg (8.1 lbs).
• Secure Installation.
• Attaches to mast with four swivel feet, matching a variety of mast profiles.
• A 12 point fixing using monel rivets ensures a secure fixing, suitable for any yacht.
• Stainless radome cradle has a fine tune adjustment for different mast rake angles.

Manufacturer: Scanstrut - Mounting Solutions