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• In 2002 Glendinning acquired NW (New Wales) Control Cables, long known to be the pioneer of \u0093High Quality\u0094 controls cables, setting industry benchmark standards for the control cable industry.
• High Efficiency \u0097 The armored core design sets the industry standard for high efficiency.
• High efficiency reduces the operational force at the control head and improves the feel of the control for the boat owner.
• This core is used in our Premium, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty grade cables.
• Low Backlash \u0097 The close tolerances between the cable core and conduit minimize the backlash or lost motion of the cable.
• Low backlash improves the control feel for the boat operator by greatly reducing the \u0093sloppiness\u0094 at the control head.
• Superior Materials \u0097 All cables are manufactured using the finest grade of materials.
• Core Type: 0.102 Armored Core Strand.
• Threaded End Fitting Size: #10 \u0096 32.
• Stroke Length: 3 inches.
• Bending Radius: 4 inches.

Manufacturer: Glendinning Marine Products