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The revolutionary Aqua Matic is engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers. Featuring the latest technology, the Aqua Matic is able to regulate and monitor functions without the need of an operator. With one touch, the Aqua Matic will start and finish water production automatically, allowing boaters more time to relax and enjoy their cruise
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Model Type Hourly Production Daily Production Accessories Weight Compact Model Weight Modular Model
900-2 38 gal / 142 lit 900 gal / 3,407 lit Touch Screen Remote Control, Fresh Water Flush, Multi-Media Filter, Oil Water Separator, Commercial Pre filter, Plankton Filter, pH Neutralizer. 165 lbs / 75 Kg 161 lbs / 73 Kg

Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin - SRC/HRO