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AMEC CUBO-160 VHF⁄ AIS Transponder Splitter is a simple junction device which allows mariners to use both VHF Radio and AIS Transponder with only one VHF Antenna. It can also connect to AM⁄ FM receiver. CUBO-160 is robust and strictly tested to meet the rigorous demands of the maritime environment.

CUBO-160 is designed for wide range of power input, from 12~24VDC. On the front panel, CUBO-160 equips with 3 LED which indicate the transmitting status between VHF radio and AIS Transponder clearly.

\"CUBO-160 can save space, cost and time on additional installation of VHF antenna.
It easily allows to arrange two active units transmitting⁄ receiving signal with highest performance.\"

Manufacturer: TMQ Electronics