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The Walker 2050 uses a combined anemometer cup & vane direction sensor, the P296. This gives high accuracy in a robust compact package. The sensor connects directly to a standard Walker DIN 144 wind speed & direction indicator, the P249, which gives digital display of relative wind speed & direction. Wind direction is also displayed on a simulated analogue display by 72 LED's. True wind systems are available by using this sensor with the Walker Pi066 true wind interface unit.

The sensor converts wind speed and direction into serial digital data. Data is displayed by the P249 indicator in digital format and also in
analogue for wind direction. The instrument interfaces in NMEA 0183\/RS422 to other ship systems. Sentence - MWV.

Mounting by base flange.
Sealed to IP65 (When correctly mounted).
Weight: 0.92kg plus 3kg for 40 metre cable and connector assembly.

Standard DIN 43700 case; 144 x 144mm - depth 110mm.
Weight: 1.2kg.
Mounted by panel clips or drilled frame supplied.
Connection by three cable glands to rear connection box.
Cables: 4.5 to 7mm dia.
Controls: Illumination, Lamp Test, Selct units, Knots, Metres\/Sec and Kilometres\/Hour.
Front panel splash proof when installed correctly.

Manufacturer: Lilley and Gillie - Walker