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Side-Power have sold radio remotes built on industry standard casings for many years. Using this experience, a brand new radio transmitter has been designed, incorporating customer needs and wishes. The new Side-power radio remote is focused on user-friendliness by ensuring optimal ergonomics, ease of use and a high safety level. It retrofits very easily with Side-Power thruster systems and most windlasses. A key feature is the clear boat shape in the design, eliminating the chance of misunderstanding directions when moving freely on your boat.

It incorporates the Side-Power unique safety features protecting against unintended activation of thrusters. The illuminated buttons with soft lighting makes use of the remote at night convenient - and it comes with both a snap-in holder and a neck strap with snap-off safety. The new shape of the remote and holder enables trouble free operation of the remote whilst in the holder - it doubles up as an additional fixed manouvering station. The new Radio remote control is waterproof, has large rubber buttons and the defined ridges between the buttons makes it easy to use without looking. Rubber pads on the back prevents it from sliding around, leaving scratches on polished surfaces.

Manufacturer: Sidepower Bowthrusters