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Ideal for mid-sized installations, the Macris MIU30 is larger than the MIU15, and ideal for boats sized between 9-15m and is below water installation only. Light output is equivalent to 200W Halogen with 4400+ fixture lumens. Average life expectancy is 40,000+ hours with a min⁄ max operational voltage of DC 12V (10-14) or DC24V (20-28). Current⁄ amp draw is 4.0 Amp, with approximate light penetration in average water quality 10m, with ideal water conditions increasing to 25m. Driver is internal. Weights and dimensions: fixture length 355.6mm, fixture width 76.2mm, fixture height profile 7.3mm. Total weight 340gm. The Macris MIU30 is available in standard colours white, ice blue, royal blue, aqua, winter green and green.

Manufacturer: Macris Industries