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The S4 Rescue SART offers proven reliability. Extremely simple to use the S4 Rescue can be operated even with gloved or wet hands. Its compact design makes it ideally suitable for packing in liferafts or as a carry off device according to SOLAS regulations.

The S4 Rescue is a 9GHz X-band Radar transceiver and has been designed for assisting air\/sea ship or survival craft rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements. When a radar signal is received from a ship or aircraft, the S4 Rescue automatically transmits a response signal, which clearly identifies the survival craft on the radar screen by means of a stream of 12 in-line dots.

Once activated the S4 will remain in standby mode for over 96 hours. The S4 Rescue has been designed for reliable operation in the toughest of marine environments, in accordance with IMO GMDSS requirements.

• Waterproof to 10mtrs.
• Buoyant, Compact and lightweight.
• Minimum 96hr in Standby mode.
• Maintenance free.
• Replaceable, 5 year** battery pack.
• Audio\/visual indication of operation.
• Built-in test facility.
• Integral lanyard.
• Mounting options \u0096 internal\/external.

Manufacturer: McMurdo LTD