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New Sleipner e-Vision Electric Thrusters – Bettering the world’s best Thrusters

Sleipner eVision thruster

The first step in Sleipner’s eVision has been to develop the first-ever electric motor designed particularly for marine thruster use.

After years of hard work, Sleipner have created these highly efficient, compact and lightweight electric motors rivalling the most cutting-edge motors used in the automotive industry today.

When combining the new, state-of-the-art electric motor with the proven Sleipner gearleg design and Q-Prop™ skew propeller, you get a thruster that delivers performance and runtime never seen before in a DC thruster.

The E-series comes with the proven quality and performance of Sleipner’s gearleg and propeller design. Sleipner has optimized their design through more than 300,000 thrusters delivered over the last 40 years.

Sleipner eVision thruster exploded view

Refit to upgrade

Previous Sleipner thruster models can be upgraded with the new E-series electric motor either directly or by utilizing an adapter plate between the bracket and motor.

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