New release Zipwake V-Shaped Interceptors

AMI are pleased to announce new Zipwake V-Shaped Interceptors will soon be available for Australian marine consumers from March 2017.

Complementing the existing highly effective modular Interceptor system, new V-Shaped Interceptors are centreline mounted and ideal for filling the gap between twin outboards or stern drives.
Available in four models, the interceptors cover deadrise angles between 11 and 24 degrees. The V-Shaped Interceptor can be included within new installations, or retro-fitted within existing builds, further increasing the flexibility of the system.

Since its introduction in 2015, AMI have had proven success with Zipwake’s Dynamic Trim Tab System with installations across a wide range of vessels from smaller highly agile pilot craft through to larger recreational and commercial vessels, utilizing Zipwake’s modular capabilities to extend multiple interceptors across a wider transom.

Premier Boatbuilders from Darwin to Victoria have incorporated Zipwake as a premium fitout option for their flagship range, and feedback suggests that vessel owners have been thrilled with the increase in performance, agility, and ride comfort the system provides.