A Parker Hannifin brand, Sea Recovery watermakers offer the convenience of freshwater available at any time. Extend your cruising, or operational time at sea. Distributed exclusively in Australia by AMI Sales

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This watermaker features automatic operation with a touchscreen control panel that allows simple touch-and go operations. Product water quality is now displayed in a bar graph format. Regulation and monitor systems function without the need of an operator.

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Aquamatic Dual Pass

A specialized watermaker for those demanding ultra-pure and clean potable water. Titanium high pressure pump provides an extended life cycle with salt water compatibility and quiet operation.

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Aquamatic XL

A great option for larger yachts, the Aquamatic XL is designed for higher outputs and offers the highest quality marine grade components. Offers smooth operation and the lowest sound emission in the industry

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Aquawhisper Mini

Hassle free and great for small powerboats and sailboats, the aquawhisper mini is designed to fit even in very compact spaces. Enjoy the convenience of freshwater without space restrictions.

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Aquawhisper Pro

The Aqua Whisper Pro watermaker is suited for charter, offshore fishing, and ocean cruising. Its traditional manual functions and touch-pad control panel allows simple operation and digital +analog instrumentation for redundancy.

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UltroClear DF

The Ultro Clear DF works with your RO system to convert sea water to double purified water. Its reliable piping connection allows direct feed that activates an automatic operation, and produces spot free water when water is directly fed into the system.

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H20 Eco

H2O Eco is engineered for boaters with limited power options. Featuring automatic operation, it is ideal for Catamarans and sail boats.

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Dockside Ultro Clear

The Dockside Ultro Clear is ideal for spot free rinsing/cleaning of your boats interior and exterior. You’ll enjoy the benefits of having purified water to drink as ultra pure water is 99% free of all water solids. It is perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, glass shower enclosures, stainless steel, and more.

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Coral Sea

Designed in three different configurations, the Coral Sea Series offers flexible installation options, a choice of basic or digital controller configurations, Coral Sea is designed for large volume production in a smaller footprint.

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