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WakeGlow KITs, for for Zipwake Series S Straight Interceptors are the ultimate solution for trailer boat owners who want to add some colour & style to their fishing or cruising trips.

The WakeGlow kit includes everything you need to install two LED lights onto your boat’s Zipwake straight Series S interceptors giving you the ability to customize your boat’s look with over 16 million colour options

The WakeGlow KIT includes two brackets designed to match the screw hole pattern of your Zipwake interceptor front plates ensuring a secure and easy installation. The kit also comes with six mounting screws to attach the lights to the brackets and four longer screws to secure the brackets to the interceptor front plates.

Each LED light comes with a 3-metre cable and the lights are IP68 rated making them completely waterproof and ideal for use in a marine environment. The WakeGlow KIT includes a WB5 RGBW controller giving you full control over the colour and brightness of the lights via a Smartphone app.

With a power consumption of 25 watts per light, the WakeGlow KIT is a powerful and efficient lighting solution, capable of producing stunning and vibrant colours in any water condition.

Upgrade your boat’s look with the WakeGlow KIT and enjoy a completely customizable underwater lighting experience that will leave everyone amazed.