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Since being introduced to Australian boaters in 2015, Zipwake has quickly become a very popular choice in dynamic trim control for vessels of almost any size.

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Zipwake is a fully automatic interceptor based system, is intuitive to use, and easy to install. The fast actuating interceptors (10x faster than traditional trim tabs) dynamically eliminate uncomfortable pitch and roll, while flattening wake and minimising wave resistance.

The system features a durable, high quality design (made in Sweden) and user friendly advanced control head for unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading

How do Adaptor Plates Make Zipwake even Easier to Install?

Minimising Hull Preparation

Adaptor Plates from Zipwake allow boaters to easily upgrade to Zipwake from another similarly sized interceptor system. The plates streamline hull preparations to upgrade to Zipwake Series S, fitting perfectly to the existing transom screw hole pattern and sealing previous holes for thru hull fittings.

An Adaptor kit includes two adaptor plates, 2 O-rings, screws and an installation guide.

The kits are available in two models, 300mm and 450mm.

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Watch our Adaptor Plate unbox and installation video featuring Aqua Mobile Marine Services, Clontarf Queensland, Australia.

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