8 OPZV 800


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Long life flooded tubular plate batteries:
• Design life: >20 years at 20\u00baC, >10 years at 30\u00baC, >5 years at 40\u00baC.
• Cycling expectancy of up to 1500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.
• Manufactured according to DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1.

Low maintenance:
• Under normal operating conditions and 20\u00baC, distilled water has to be added every 2 \u0096 3 years.

Dry-charged or ready for use electrolyte filled:
• The batteries are available filled with electrolyte or dry-charged (for long term stocking, container transport or air transport).
• Dry charged batteries have to be filled with diluted sulphuric acid (density 1,24kg⁄ l @ 20\u00baC).
• The electrolyte may be stronger for cold- or weaker for hot climates.

Manufacturer: Victron Energy